Having decided to establish a new home windows, we look forward to their long service. On this tune we lavish promises of vendors. But can we believe them? On what basis outlined in the warranty documents period of time? Answers to such questions are carried out by specialists control department tests. A set of "torture" for each element of window design your own. What is in a plastic box? This frame, windows and fittings. In general, it is easy. Frame is made of pvc profiles. Glazing – sealed construction with an air gap between the panes.

The third important component – hardware, a complex set of mechanisms responsible for opening / closing windows and fixing of shutters at a certain position. Examination on the strength of each component passes the window construction, the assessment for it is determined in accordance with the Russian state standards. Tests for the production profile pvc profile in this country regulated by gost 30673-99 "PVC profiles for windows and doors." In accordance with this profile must satisfy certain requirements on geometrical parameters, the ability to resist mechanical stress, including at low temperatures. In addition, it is necessary that he possessed the relevant color parameters and physical-mechanical (strength) properties. To meet all these standards are certain types of product testing. Large industrial complexes have their own lab quality in the walls that "examinations" profile. Thus, the plant propleks Group of Companies, the largest Russian producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies, hourly from each extrusion line selected control samples are sent to a laboratory inspector for passing tests for compliance with gost.

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