As we mentioned in the previous article, the benefits of deploying the technology system of barcode have brought a great support in the process of a sale to entrepreneurs, partners and end users. Besides sales and inventory tracking, barcode system is very useful in the sending, receiving and tracking of a distance selling. I.e. everytime an output of goods, either by sale of volume for a specific purpose or a sale where the product is sent home to occur, you can count on a series of benefits that enrich the sales with home delivery. An example of this are the following points: the product in question may be included in a container, either a bag or a box, which generates a bar code that identify the data of the product, the number of sale, shipping and customer data. That code will be your unique number identification (UID) included in a label accompanying the container.

To be generated the UID, data from identification will generate a database of relationship in which which contain the relevant information about this box, such as order number, items packed, packed, final destination, etc. Such a relationship will integrate the history of the products shipped and will also affect the inventory database. All the information relating to the sale can be transmitted through a system known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communication, such a system will be shared with the distributor who will take the information about a shipment before it arrives. Shipments that are made with destination to a distribution center (DC) shall monitor prior to shipment to the final destination. When shipment reaches the final destination, the UID will be scanned, by what the store will know from where came the order, what content there is in the container and who is the recipient and how much to pay the manufacturer. Or earlier. The reason why bar codes they are integrated to the business activity is that scanners are relatively inexpensive and provide extremely accurate information in comparison with the conventional input key; therefore substitution error is only 1 of every 15,000 with a 36 trillion characters entered. This so exact error rate depends on the type of barcode. Original author and source of the article

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