Its name comes from the Bantu word semba, meaning navel. In the beginning, the samba was a sacred character and was practiced by blacks in the middle of the woods. In the late nineteenth century was introduced in Rio samba by families from Bahia, in the form of Candomble, a religion combines elements of the Catholic, Yoruba and Congo. The rites of this cult began to become parties, and samba began to lose the sacredness. In the early twentieth century, samba became formalized, with the appearance of individual composers, past the improvised lyrics. Like the tango emerged in the slums and was rejected in principle by the bourgeoisie who admired European trends. His lyrics spoke of the bohemian life of misdeeds. In addition, her dancing, like the tango, is charged with sensuality, but more than nostalgia, reflecting joy. With the composer Sinha and the formation of bands of professional musicians, samba spread around Rio in the 1920s became more important, to become a symbol of Brazil and the carnival. Much of this consolidation process of the samba was the result of a nationalist, which arose within the modernist movement, which sought, through a merger between the intellectuals and artists, strengthen the country’s cultural roots. In the 30s, with the rise of Getulio Vargas to power, this nationalist trend was strengthened and consolidated finished samba as a symbol of Brazil. It must be said that initially the carnival was an elitist party, where only paraded the bourgeoisie. However, it began to form groups that descend from the favelas, to sabotage the carnival, which ended eventually leading to the creation of the famous samba schools. Again I emphasize the similarities in the origins of the samba and the tango … both arise from the heart of town, between poverty and hopelessness, both follow a similar path to gain recognition and eventually end up as symbols of an entire country. However, differences also stand out. The samba is happy, partying, with an unbuttoned sensuality, the tango, for its part, nostalgic, sad, too sensual, yet aggressive. I leave you a video … v nldeiBSvY1E

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