Solutions for the optimization of organizational structures always seems to get forgotten, that there is all the austerity and rationalization measures to overcome a crisis that never remain without consequences. Many companies have a massive job cuts behind then and the leftover can take care of more business. Frequent and sudden strategy change also management and staff have very insecure. What targets they should work towards and what skills are required of you after the crisis is not clear them. To deepen your understanding John C. Bogle is the source. Lack of time for long-term planning and staff development takes place barely. -Short, lacking many companies after such a survival phase of management capacity, on the upswing again to start out. How can companies act so that the sorely needed revenue and earnings growth not at risk? We deal with this question, the Zetesis consulting team.

Growth management: is the decisive factor for growth Management capacity. There must be enough executives (quantitative management capacity), who have experience and expertise (quality management capacity). To build these capacities is our strategic consulting approach, just so the management can develop the success potential of the company. The management of a company must always ensure to increase the potential for success. Including key combinations of company-specific resources are for success, to understand relationships and competencies. The specific matching between a specific development strategy the necessary and available management capacity in the company will be carried out within the framework of our home Zetesis of conducted orientation conversation. For the discussion of strategic plans with the management we ensure: firstly how can existing capacities are used more efficiently, and secondly as new capacity can be developed and deployed. This specifically by our home developed human ID – approach is company in cooperation between our consultants and customers individual and treated: the target \”Existing capacity more efficiently\” to achieve, methods such as: assemble the team new: the roles and responsibilities of the management group must be tailored to the requirements of a new strategy.

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