Marriage and family Hensley met John McCain in April 1979, at a military reception in Hawaii. He was a Navy officer in the United States link in the U.S. Senate for nearly 18 years. He was married to his wife Carol, and had an extramarital scandal in the mid-’70s, they were separated for a while but later merged. At that moment Cindy and John epezaron a quick relationship. Carol and John split permanently in late 1979 and Carol accepted a divorce in February 1980, then John and Cindy were married on 17 May 1980 in Phoenix, with a prenuptial agreement in which the majority of the assets of his family his name would have since kept their finances separate and file tax returns on income alone.The business and political contacts of his father helped her husband to enter politics in Arizona, she campaigned with her husband, door to door during his first bid for U.S. Congress, with the help of his personal wealth and unbridled support of their parents by providing funds to cover the debts that were beginning to leave. When this won the congressional seat the couple moved his residence to Alexandria, Virginia. She spent two months in late 1983 writing handwritten notes on over 4,000 Christmas cards to be sent to constituents, other and the state where he grew up, Arizona. After several miscarriages Cindy Hensley McCain gave birth to the first of his three children: Meghan (1984), John Sidney IV (Jack) (1986) and James (Jimmy) (1988). In early 1984 she returned to Arizona with his parents who lived across the street raised their children because her husband was frequently in Washington.

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