It lacks historical heritage of important historical monuments. In the Catholic parish church under the patronage of St. Catherine in the Archdiocese of M rida-Badajoz, Diocese of Plasencia, Trujillo Arciprestazgo. XVI century building is the image of the patron: La Virgen de los Remedios, also known as the Virgin of the Three Hands, “to give more favors. The origin of the third hand is unknown, existing as written data, communications of people who received the hand of the Virgin to cure diseases or pests widespread in these peoples, including Bohon, Valdelacasa, chestnuts and Peraleda, Archbishop of Toledo, etc. ., so that in 1775 paid the restoration of the big bell of turrets at the expense of the offerings of the devotees of the towns named in appreciation of receiving the hand with a contagious epidemic, and having experienced a total relief , which certifies him as a fact and something miraculous. It has a “Castro Celta” in the estate of the courage of the V century BC C.or early fourth. The Castro of Courage is a breakwater formed between the Moro stream and river Almonte in the coordinates are: 39 35 ’27 “latitude and 5 40′ 10” W (- 5 40 10) at an altitude of 430 m. Situated between three municipalities, some 6 km from downtown Deleitosa, 7 Torrecillas that of the Stiff and 8 from that of Aldeacentenera, is just the tip projection or northeastern district of the Tiesa Torrecillas. It is pre-Roman origin, being the Vettones those who lived there. The Castro Celta is walled and inside found remains of houses, which is making a reproduction in the meadow of the people of Aldeacentenera Boyal. Outside this wall is the site where they found remnants of ceramics and metals.In the archaeological museum of C ceres is a small room that is designed to pre-Roman peoples, room 3, which shows, among other things, a gold pendant with filigree and zoomorphic representation of the “Village of the courage (the Tiesa Torrecillas ) “7 km from the town center, in the municipality, there’s a Castro Iberian called Third of the Watchtower of the Bulge, where several sites and the remains of a Celtic fort and a village. In the northwestern tip of the municipality is the Descansadero, where it joins Trujillo and Jaraicejo. From Trujillo to the Descansadero runs one of the busiest routes at all times, the Great Glen Real Leonesa West, bordering line between the terms of Trujillo and the Tiesa Torrecillas.

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