The third adventure novel from the series of “Lighthouse of the adventure”. Berlin – Karim Pieritz presents his new children’s book in October danger in evergreen “before (ISBN 978-3-944626-03-1, 152 pages). Hereby the author released the third book of the series for 7 to 11 year olds readers since April. Danger in evergreen “plays mostly in the hometown of the protagonist. A pirate disguised as Teddy bear from the planet sky blue kidnapped the little sister of the 9 year old Tim out of the sand box of the Kita in the adjacent forest. Tim and his friend Michael follow the tracks, but then they are bombarded by a combat robot with laser beams. They take refuge in an underground research facility and are caught by a burglar. He opens a portal to another world just on the detector of a particle accelerator.

A particle accelerator as the setting for a children’s book I was already since Dan Brown Illuminati,”explains the author. The description of scientific backgrounds in a child-friendly form It was a challenge. The children’s books arose from the need for rousing adventure stories for the son of the author. Guys are very impatient,”explains the author. A story must be fast, exciting, otherwise the book ends up unread in the shelf. In particular the third adventure is tempo to the thing.

Here also the humor is very important to me. In the books of the series, the 8 year old Michael using a magic flashlight to the rainbow-colored travels lighthouse of adventure .The heroes as break in the classic adventure novel into other worlds, to save a friend,”explains the author.”It advised them himself in great danger and only their resourcefulness and courage lead to success. Since January, 2013, the author informed about his works and his life as a writer and publisher of self in his blog and social networks. Here he could build already a fan base, E.g. on Google plus and Twitter with over 900 followers. A reader: Juhu…super! … My little (and I also honestly) we count the days until finally the book comes out long. … We look forward already sooo… :-). Source: Google plus comment at Karim Pieritz. The first two children’s books of the series in the joint presentation of titles from small and self publishers are exhibited at the Frankfurt book fair in 2013. The fair takes place in the period from October 9 to 13. The presentation of the books is in Hall 3.1 G65. The children’s books are distributed through the Web site and as eBooks on various reader platforms. The author: Karim Pieritz was born in Berlin in 1971 and lives there with his family. His son awakened his creative side and so he invented the universe to the lighthouse of the adventure. In January 2013, he has decided to devote to lay his books and writing. Press contact: Verlag Karim Pieritz Karim Pieritz Tel: 030 28038347 fax: 030 28038348 E-Mail: press information: press /.

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