Not all companies guarantee safe and quality services. In this article we will explain operations followed in the center of pricing of gold for Euros, the leader of the purchase of gold at distance in Spain. Every morning, gold by EUR experts updated the appraised value based on the official price of gold set by the London Gold Fixing. The Messenger who brings the packs free access a secure camera located at the entrance of the center of appraisal and makes delivery of packages to the staff of the Centre. There is sealed the relevant documentation as it becomes available to the company. In addition, shipping has an insurance for the total peace of mind.

The second step that takes place in the center of pricing is to check that the bag has not been handling, containing gold and jewels that the user wants to sell and that has been received correctly the required paperwork (contract and the photocopy of the identity document). Each week all records are delivered to the police, in order to make the procedure mandatory police. This gold for Euros ensures that all sent jewels are reliable sources. The professional rigour is assured. Each piece is analyzed by three different experts. All materials used ensure maximum quality in the assessment. The process consists of depositing part of metal on a touchstone. This metal is subjected to the reaction of different acids, which will determine whether it is gold or other metal and that gold purity (carats).

Each karat is annotated in the picture, next to each of the jewels that the company has purchased. In the next step, a second assessor weighs each jewel individually, discounting the gross weight the weight of any item that is not itself the gold (pearls, stones and others), this resulting weight obtained is also scored on the picture, next to the jewel. Then the jewels are deposited in a bag marked with the reference (ID) and saved in the safe at the place determined by their geographical location and the week of reception of these jewels. The jewels remain in the safe supervised by cameras 24 hours until it ends the official term of custody, which in Spain is 15 days. The next step is to pass all the information generated by the appraisers to the Administration Department, which will determine the exact value of each one of the calculated jewels, a computerised system CRM. Thus, users receive their extra money in the period initially established. The last step that is carried out in the center of pricing of gold for Euros will be proceeding to remove the jewels from the safe, and separate all the scrap containing (pearls, stones and metals that are not gold, other). Once made jigging and separation, the assessor shall prepare the jewels of gold in its different quilatajes and finally sent them to refine. The center of pricing of gold for Euros has been trained only to perform this work, and aims to offer the maximum transparency, greater confidence and greater agility to assess effectively the jewels of gold.

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