More and more firms practice the human resources outsourcing, but why? What are the benefits of workers not skilled, possibly even irrelevant? If companies want to save, one hears again and again, that they adopt human resources outsourcing. This strategy, which is from outside, resource and using composed can be transferred but also on other areas of the company, resulting, that processes for companies financially worthwhile outsourcing. So for example also human can take place outsourcing resources/HR. The HR consultant will be passing services on a HR, which is then include HR consulting and payrolling (= payroll outsourcing of payroll administration) care. Edgar Weber, from the personnel office fair play Personalberatung AG of Pfaffikon in Switzerland, services know exactly to the benefit of the human resources outsourcing.

So, two more advantages of the staff leasing are for example the greater flexibility and a higher quality. The decision on a specialized provider of quasi always state-of-the-art is being possible access to latest technologies. Also such a company can deal faster with the personnel changes, if the cooperation between employers and workers is not the desired fruits. As already mentioned, is the fair play AG a company which takes human resources management tasks. So fair play primarily for large companies is interesting, who deal with the thought of her staff about a third, the service providers, to adjust. But also for the small”Baker, Carpenter, or tailor the payrolling are interesting concepts. The freelancers are the third group, which speaks to the personnel office, if it is active as a freelancer (Freelancer), you know here as well to the pros and cons. So, fair play as a mediator between entrepreneurs and freelancers can enter and reassure both sides.

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