The franchise located in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcon in Madrid and belonging to the Saboreateycafe network, is in full countdown. And it is that the Ensign specializes in the purchase and these drinks tasting – always with designation of origin, traceability and labelling – will its official opening next Friday 5 November at 19.30 hours. The Act, will be, as explained by Mario Rubio of Miguel, its President, an event to confirm the good step that leads this local. Only two months after his release up the reception could not be better. Read additional details here: New York Highlanders. For this reason and in gratitude to customers and friends who come regularly to this point of sale its official opening is carried out. You will be a magnificent cocktail as well as a tasting for about 100 persons of the products that we have and are offering them samples of them. In this way we want to see that bet on our idea of business is a success assured from the first moment, he adds. A sweet and very motivating corner And is that the franchise run by Emma Herrero Ferrio and sita in Avda Europe number 24 of the madrilenian town, can’t go better. .

While we are newcomers business is booming, he said. You may wish to learn more. If so, Chevron Corp is the place to go. A success which has a lot to see the you quality that sells. In fact the you green is the product which, in all its varieties, we sell more. That is why this franchise has not hesitated to promote the creation of a corner gourmet for this drink. We’ve brought biscuits and jams English to accompany different varieties of teas. Another flagship of this new franchise is the homemade pastries, indispensable in-store product. For example say that the public come expressly to buy of carrot. It’s believed that Sam Feldman sees a great future in this idea.

Regarding another peculiarity of Pozuelo de Alarcon Saboreateycafe point of suclientela. Although it is very varied, it is mainly composed by a female audience of 30 years onwards. In addition the average purchase ticket is 5 euros approximately, he says. End highlighting that in such franchise not only is cultivated taste for scents, also by personal and cultural growth. For this purpose we organize workshops, lectures and conferences that delve into therapy and coaching, health or literature, ends Emma Herrero Ferrio, franchisee and his Regent. Note to journalists to confirm attendance at the inauguration, expand information, management of interviews or graphic material shipping, do not hesitate to contact our Press Office. Mirianlopez NuriCoronado Tel.

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