The standardized parameter to classify its power is called the peak power, and corresponds to the maximum power that the module can deliver under standardized conditions, which are: – Irradiation 1000 W/m2 – Cell temperature 25 C (not temperature). The photovoltaic panels are divided into: Crystalline Monocrystalline: made up of sections of a single crystal silicon (recognizable by their circular or octagonal, where the 4 sides short, if you look, we see that are curved, because it is a circular cell cropped). Polycrystalline: when they are formed by small particles crystallized. Amorphous: when the silicon has not been crystallized. Its effectiveness is greater the larger the crystals, but also weight, thickness and cost.The first performance can reach 20 while that of the past can not reach 10 , however its cost and weight is much lower.

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