Exclusive apartment at Pentecost opened the concert stage at the reception: The former professional musician Peter Juhre with his small family in the idyllic Berchtesgaden fulfilled a dream and created a holiday paradise with that certain something. still irresistible scents for hearty grilled meats and fine spices spread (bfs) from the kitchen. All those present are already fed up, yet wants to Miss nobody the salmon Caribbean style in suspended at this moment the door. Peter Juhre is now fully in his element. He likes it just guests in the Berchtesgadener Ferienparadies Alpengluhn”happy to see. The now 48-year-old has a consciously accepted the role of the host in Exchange for a very different life. Previously, the music certain existence of the long-haired perfectionist. “He discovered the guitar itself so to speak, the first great love at the tender age of twelve years and came just six years later as the bassist for the rock band Vice”.

With her song Snakebite”landed them a top-10 hit, immediately followed by television appearances, festivals and toured with such luminaries as Bon Jovi or Van Halen. For many outsiders, this means the fulfillment of all dreams, for professional musicians above all hard work and a high wear and tear on your body. It was simply for Juhre rock ‘ n’ roll. As highlights of his stage career are sure to call his engagements on bass guitar for Tina Turner, Cliff Richard and Bonnie Tyler. But not always meant it as his artist name fate well with PJ. He founded a concert Agency, has been bruised by confidants to much money and had to give up exhausted and disappointed. Today, he knows that fate can bring something new and wonderful with it sometimes. When Peter Juhre in Munich on an escalator was jostled and himself injured during the fall evil, he landed to rehab in Schonau am Konigssee, where exactly that woman received him, with which he now lives together and a small Son has.

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