Talk about businesses or companies, not only implies the execution of profitable activities in an attempt to obtain an economic well-being, sometimes beyond of morally permissible. Implies also, and mainly, a Social responsibility, every time that, the development of business and company activities is done by and for the well-being of human beings, recognized these as social beings, what compels us to act with the highest corporate social responsibility. This is accentuated by the fact that work in community and for a community. In the above context, and to make the relationship with the field of the Online business, it is appropriate to recall in continuous partnerships that make every day many of the entrepreneurs online, the mastermind, for example, the online conferences given by various actors who are in different countries at the time. Therefore, iniciare here with the publication of some articles of the administration which, we believe must learn, apply and re-enter it, all entrepreneur responsible for, either in the Offline business or Online business. It is important to note that, the aspects dealt with by the authors, are implicit aspects socio-emotional, psychological, social, cultural and, as a corollary, economic. This is how, for example, while is it speaks to us of productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and economy, us discusses simultaneously coordinating resources, fulfilment of social objectives and group.

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