To the few I was adaptando the lessons of Portuguese and mathematics for it. It was very intelligent and alone he needed a simple adaptation in the resume so that he could demonstrate its potential to me. It could not while educator, to wait that it already arrived understanding of polynomials, of equation etc. She was necessary to make a sounding to see until where it wise person in mathematics and Portuguese for then only passing activities left which it more independent in classroom, that it them it obtained to make and mainly it socializes it with the remaining portion of the group. To choose an assistant of the day for also helps collaborated very it and in the acceptance of the group, they comprendiam therefore it better and thus professor and pupils had had a sensational experience and for more incredible than it seems, learned, in its rhythm, its time and had qpenas that to have 3 things: 1 Strategy to adapt its knowledge (curricular adaptation) 2 Much patience (you pray was a little nurse in the physiological questions) 3 and main, the shelter, therefore this pupil arrived until me and he could not pass it to it for front without he extracted optimum of it, without of this it chance to dream, of being able to work in the future and being as well as was forming the other pupils, a citizen with the same rights to even learn because that he blames it has to have been born with some syndrome? who are we educators to want to menosprezar it next to its capacity, being used this as argument to exclude it? In such a way ironic one arrives to be curious and one, therefore it is common to see exculpatory educators in congresses of inclusive education, making course of pounds, braile etc, or same in the church acting as interpreters, but when it is for being acolhedor educator, seems that it is more easy if to hang in the crutches of ' ' I was not enabled pra this, I only made such course to be able to gain points, it only lacked this pupil to me to be here in the gymnasium (6 to 9 year) and to confuse the room and still superficially to have that to be dribble of it, only this that lacked to me! ' ' As if it sees, the inclusion has colon arguable 1 the government must invest more in adaptations in the pertaining to school building so that these pupils special better are received and have adignidade of the access the school, not only in the school but in all the cities, with streets, bathrooms and estacionamentos for deficient. .

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