The pyramids of Egypt in the world there are many monuments, but those who have caused greater admiration and amazement Asia people are the pyramids of Egypt. But just as they are revered by people also are criticized by them since they are an example of the vanity of man said. At the beginning of the Christian era the Plinio the old Roman, said that the pyramids of Egypt were created to express the greatness of some vain Kings, but this is not so because powerful Pharaohs as Amenhotep III, or Ramses II in his reign there were colossal statues as the of Abu-Smbel among others, but those Pharaohs were not vain since they never had personal pyramids. Another of the scholars who question the utility or for which they were created the pyramids, was the historian Flavio Josefo (37-95dc), said that the pyramids were as large as useless, but to where I could do a trial like this?, Flavio Josefo was a Jew and as such is much mistaken in saying that the pyramids were a kind of barns for the harvest but as account history were graves among other things. Flavio wanted to compare the time of the pyramids with the arrival of Joseph to Egypt, they were very destintas times and who created the pyramids didn’t like Joseph in his time to make a kind of winery for wheat, it is clear that not the pyramids of Egypt liked Flavio. When Herodotus was departe de the colossal pyramids, am very fascinated like the Romans, the Arabs and other visitors from the East.

With the arrival of the Napoleonic army in 1798, occultists and Egyptologists were those who began to analyze and study the mysteries that they hid those pyramids of Egypt, these were not left with saying Pliny and Flavio Josefo. With a great effort began to investigate so they served and thus was to followed to date. They knew the etymology for the first thing those scholars of the pyramids of Egypt began, it was to know of that source came the word pyramid, if it was Egyptian, Jewish, Greek, or long before. Belonging to some language which perhaps does not exist. They have had many complications to eradicate its meaning or origin, since the meaning of this word is changing as it passes through a distinct people. Information taken from: original author and source of the article.

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