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Knight of the hand on the chest, El Greco, (1580).
The government of Philip II, coincides with the period known as Renaissance. Although ideological change is not as extreme as meditation center in other countries, does not break sharply with the medieval tradition, no religious literature will disappear and will emerge in the Renaissance cabalakabala when ascetical and mystical authors, hence it becomes a more original Spanish Renaissance and varied than in the rest of Europe.
Religious literature is headed by writers such as Santa Teresa de Jesus, San Juan de la Cruz, Fray Luis de Granada, San Juan de Avila and Fray Juan de los israel – center angeles.
Miguel de Cervantes began writing his first works.
The poetry of the Renaissance mysticism was divided into two schools: the Salmantina (Fray Luis de Leon) and Seville (Fernando Herrera).
In the figure the theater of Lope de Vega, grab even more important that in the reign of Philip III, like Cervantes.
Among the most famous painters out El Greco, Titian, Antonio Moro or zohar Brueghel the Elder. Alonso Sanchez Coello was the painter of Philip II camera.
It was the heyday of Spanish red string architects, such as Juan de Herrera, Francisco de Mora and Juan los angeles center Bautista de spiritual center Toledo, which has resulted in the appearance of a new style, characterized by the dominance of the constructive elements, the absence decorativa The straight lines and cubic volumes. Many movie producers started like

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