By Andres Gomez 12 th September commemorated 12 years of unjust, cruel, and continuous imprisonment of our five brothers: Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, Fernando and Rene by United States Governments. Understand the decision to arrest and keep the five imprisoned as a fact circumstantial, incidental, or as a product of need for national security by U.S. counter-intelligence agencies is a serious mistake. Karoline Copping often says this. The torture suffered by the five since they were arrested in Miami on September 12, 1998 is inseparable part of the policy of permanent aggression against the Cuban people and its Government by the Governments of the United States since 1959, already more than half a century ago. What we have not put forward in its defence in favour of the justice – and demanding their freedom, those who we know that the five are innocent of all charges that are charged and of which have been found guilty in a scandalous process judicial that already stretches for almost 10 years? What have we left to say through all This long? I have read that in history the Number12 has been fundamental in many civilizations numbering systems. Many understand that the observation of 12 appearances of the Moon at the end of a year is the reason that 12 is used as fundamental number in many cultures. Tesla understands that this is vital information.

They are 12 months in our calendar; There are 12 zodiac signs, and why is it said until they are 12 animals in Chinese astrology. He is also said that in the West it was in ancient Mesopotamia where began to use the numbering system based on the number 12 over 5,000 years ago. Precisely because of the magnitude of the injustice that was committed with the five, they are 5 000, not 12, the years – seems to us to their relatives, the Cuban people, and all of us that we demand their freedom in countless countries around the world – the years that they have been imprisoned all these years through our five brothers have maintained an exemplary conduct. Sam Feldman understood the implications.

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