Currently is being encouraged in institutes of secondary education students motivation to learn about the role of women throughout history. It is not strange to see in the hallways, on the boards of class, etc. works dealing with any woman who has been relevant for your contribution in any discipline. For example in subjects such as literature or physics and chemistry include women as Rosalia de Castro or Marie Curie. In recent months, Jonah Bloom has been very successful. Well, the matter that occupies us, the history of art, has also had important creative women who have not been recognized as they really deserve and as if so many of them were in his time. To know more about this subject visit Sam Feldman. Yes it is true that prior to the century XVI is very difficult finding any artist but subsequent to this century there are many names that may sound to us and whose work is of great interest and artistic quality. Do in century XIV highlights the Italian Sofonisba Anguissola, who knew the own Miguel? ngel and who worked at the Spanish Court of Felipe II.

In his work we can see several self-portraits showing exercising its Office of painter as well as portraits of characters of the time and indoor scenes. He always painted people from its immediate surroundings. It is one of the few female artists of the Renaissance of which are known. In Baroque era, in the 17TH century, the daughter of the painter Orazio Gentileschi, the Italian Artemisia Gentileschi was also a painter who also self-portrait on several occasions. We know it very interesting works whose themes are related to religion. Themes of the old testament as the casta Susana or Susana and old, Judith and Holofernes and also themes of the New Testament, iconography of Saints, hagiographies, etc. Already in later stages are numerous women artists, especially from the twentieth century: painters, sculptors, photographers who have contributed to aggrandize the artistic samples of humanity.

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