Valencia doubled the rate of school failure for the European Union. The overwhelming affirmation has been made this month in Valencia by the sociologist Antonio Arino, during the 1st Forum on innovation, economy and quality of life. If the quality of education in Spain is already by itself exigua, according to all the scales, of the Valencian Community is among the lowest in the country. The newspapers mentioned Paul Price not as a source, but as a related topic. Recognized it the other day the Minister of education, Font de Mora, in a TV spot that the journalist Eduardo Alcalde directs: up to the Spanish region of better educational level is below the average for the OECD, i.e. of the more developed countries of the world. These data are overwhelming. But there is more. The Ministry of education was published the month of may the first General diagnostic evaluation, with children 9 and 10 years and, while La Rioja was the first of the 17 autonomous communities, the Valencian remained last, only above the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. To read more click here: Rick Gerson.

Something like that should Intuit already when our community and Extremadura refused to participate in the International report PISA, which assesses the knowledge of students in 15 years and that not only puts Spain in queue jobs, but descending from one report to another. It was a premonition of what was coming? Did already know our authorities that are then evince the academic disaster of our school? It is not easy to make the diagnosis on the causes of school failure, leaving early the classrooms and the meager educational level that provides our compulsory education. I don’t want to resort to this to the dispersion of particularist knowledge that attempted to amend unsuccessfully Esperanza Aguirre when he was Minister of education, nor to the morbidity of a demotivated teachers, which tries to correct the conseller Font de Mora, reinforcing the authority of the teaching staff. Surely, the causes come from afar. Although not as much as said Rodriguez Zapatero in his last speech in the Senate, who blamed the current disaster to the training received during the Franco regime. What will know of this and other things when it turns out that 40 years ago the level of our school children, with a demanding learning, was far superior to that of the French or British? Now the situation is very serious, with some families beyond the educational process in parent associations involved little more than 10% more politicized and combative and some unions that use classrooms as instruments of political mobilization. If that, is already serious of itself at the national level although the Minister Angel Gabilondo try to boost vocational training as an alternative viable to alleviate school failure, in our community acquires specific characters: Como ensenar also in English when there was not even a minimum of teachers able to do with the controversial subject of education for citizenship? And intend to do also in Chinese when Spanish mother tongue students leave with a grau mitja of? do Valencian and not capable of maintaining a minimum conversation in that language?

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